Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that as soon as you have made and confirmed any travel or holiday plans, you should take out comprehensive travel insurance.

This will cover you should the unforeseen happen and you need to cancel your booking or you have an accident whilst out of New Zealand.

Recently there has been a huge spike in the number of travel insurance disputes which has prompted a warning for people to be certain about what they are covered for before travelling. Most of complaints made were not upheld because the wording of the policies was clear. Some travel insurance policies have a number of restrictions customers may not always know about when they embark on their travel. It is vital that you fully understand and are absolutely certain what your insurance covers – particularly if you are thinking about relying on the free travel insurance which some banks offer when you pay for travel with a credit card.

We offer travel insurance from two insurers - CoverMore and Kiwi Holiday Insurance for both our Leisure and Corporate travelers. 

You can obtain a quote and purchase your Travel Insurance by calling us on 0800 377 479. We will then email a quote to you. Please feel free to talk to us to discuss your travel insurance needs, as there are always options!